10 Days in TdP: Day 4

Day 4: Campamento Brittanico to Campamento Torres

Early to bed means early to rise.  Up and outta the top of the French Valley and down through my favorite forest.

And an awesome view of Lago Nordenskjold from above.  Check out that swimming pool clear glacial runoff water.  It wanted me to jump in!

It rained on me for a couple hours, and when I got down to the lakeshore, I felt like I had jumped in, because I was soaked.  The winds were so strong that they blew the lake water off the surface and onto me.  Also, the strong winds completely destroyed my single pack cover garbage bag.  Oh well.  What is it, day 4?  Cross my fingers for the rest of the trip and hope for the best?

This was a LONG day of solo hiking.  Started way up in an upper mountain valley, hiked down to the lake´s edge, hiked along the lake, up and over its rolly hills, and then had to cap the end of the day with a steep uphill climb all the way out of the treeline.  To say the least, with all of this time to think, my head was lost in the clouds.

Stoked when the sun came out!  Oh hey WIND!

Made it up to Torres Camp just as the sun was setting and ran into Gen from Quebec and her Euro travel crew!  Crashed.  And the rain came crashing down just as I was in my tent.

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