10 Days in TdP: Day 3

Woke up to a thin layer of dappled Dippin´Dots sort of snow around my camp.  After sleeping in for a while, I hiked up to the Mirador and met Alyssia and Craig on the way!  It was still snowing, but we hung out for a while and the skies cleared for a few minutes, and what an epic view it was.

After Craig and Alyssia headed down to shift campsites, I decided to hike up past the Mirador to the ridge below the shear mountains.

As I hiked farther up the rocky creek bed, I put my rock hopping skills to use.  Wahoo!  But then it started to snow.

…Which at first was cool…but then it really got going as I got to the top of the ridge.  I couldn´t really see anything…in any direction.

So I thought for a moment, then decided that the smart decision was to head down because I was hiking solo.  So I headed down.  But about 10 minutes down the way, the skies cleared, the clouds broke, and so I headed right back up.

It was worth it.

I didn´t get to hike up as far as I wanted, because as soon as it broke, it clouded right back over and snowed on me again.  So I headed back down to camp (I was camping in the same spot for a second night).

On the way down I encountered some funky tree fungi.

Gross, but alas, HELLA COOL!

Count of Monte Cristo and journaling in my tent for the rest of the snowy, blowy, rainy afternoon and early to bed.



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