10 Days in TdP: Day 2

Day 2: Campamento Pehoe to Brittanico.

Woke up and it had poured all night…and it was still pouring.  Word up for rain pants…and plastic trash bag pack covers!

After hiking for a while and discussing books and the amazing liberty that is reading and libraries, Craig and Alyssia told me a nasty story all about leeches.  Let´s just say that I hope to never, EVER have to deal with leeches.  Gross.

Arrived at the base of the Valle Frances, at Campamento Italiano.  Said “Chau-abunga” to Craig and Alyssia (they were going to camp here, along with everyone and their mom) and I was going to hike up the valley another to hours to a rather remote campsite (most people day hike up here because there is a sweet glacier and an epic view from the mirador).

So hike up, I did.  Met up with Shannon, a dude from the states I met in town yesterday, he was hiking down from Brittanico camp with his pack on.  Apparently he was the only one who camped up there last night…and it snowed on himAh, the good things to look forward to!

Glacier on my left, and plenty of snow ahead!  I watched a huge chunk of this glacier break off and careen down the mountain in an epic avalanche.  Loud, white, and powdery.

As I was hiking, started talking with a girl from Quebec who waited for me as I adjusted my pack.  Gen was stoked that I could keep up pace with her…no one else hiking up the trail was wearing a pack (Thank you who ever helped me learn about ultra light and light packingI never thought the day would come that I would choose trail runners over boots).  As we walked and talked, I learned that Gen had hitch hiked down to Patagonia from Santiago and had many adventures along the way!  Check out this epic Lord of the Rings-esque forest or Oz Farm Wine Parlor-esque forest that we hiked through:

At the top and as it started to snow, I set up my tent and had the whole camp, the whole upper French Valley, all to myself!

Dinner and a bit of The Count of Monte Cristo (an awesome book! Thanks Mom & Dad!) and asleep to the pitter patter of snow on my tent, a breezy wind blowing through the valley, and the rush of the river to soothe me into dreams.

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2 Responses to 10 Days in TdP: Day 2

  1. Arianna Kosel says:

    JULIE! Sounds absolutely amazing! I miss you and love you and can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures in person! P.S. Count of Monte Cristo is one of my top three favorite books 🙂 Keep soul trippin girl!

  2. binny says:

    thumb up for Count of Monte Cristo!

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