10 Days in TdP: Day 1

(These installments will be mostly pictures with some brief commentary).  Hope you enjoy!

Day 1: Bus to Park.  Notice the logo “PAINE

Hike Administracion to Campamento Pehoe.  Everything in the pack (all my gear and food) and a borrowed sleeping pad from the hostel…so now I have 2!  Apparently it gets cold here or something.

Hiked in a pretty mellow peninsula that on a clear day like today has an epic entrance view of what I will be hiking in, around, up, and down for the next week and a half.  Best part – only a handful of people hike into the park this way.

The hunk of mountains in the distance!

And the mountains behind us!

I hiked in with Alyssia and Craig, a couple from Kakadu Australia.  We met at the hostel.  Their plan was to spend about 6 or 7 days of hiking the frontside of the park, the “W”.

Poor caterpillar.  Splat.

I was slightly under the weather when I started the hike, and hacked stuff this color for the first 5 days.  Au naturale?

Check out my sexy BD tent.

Regardless of the super windy campsite…that I had to pay for, my dinner was off the hook. Am stoked to have cheesy, buttery pasta with the best Chilean spice ever, Merquen, EVERY NIGHT!

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