Prepping, Packing, and Pumped in Puerto Natales

So, tomorrow I´m heading to Torres Del Paine National Park, the poster boy for Chile´s Patagonian travel.  I´ll be spending 10 days hiking around, up, down, in, and through the park on what is known as the “Q” Circuit.  The plan is to do this journey solo.

Food packing, gear stuffing, and getting ready for the morrow.  Puerto Natales is a town that really only exists for the tourism that TdP brings.  I sought out the town´s best empanadas, but alas, the shop had no empanadas today. FAIL.  So I settled for the next shop over, the next best meal: a completo…with everything on it.  (A hot dog with heaps of mayo, heaps of ketchup & mustard, and slathered in guacamole.)

Talked to a lot of (under the weather) people at the hostel who had just returned from variations of different hikes in the park (3 days to 9 days out).  Got some good, bad, and random tips and took them all with a grain of salt.  My good friend Danny gave me the low down and the scoop on the Parque, big help!  I´m a little under the weather myself, so hopefully this, whatever this is, passes quickly.  Apparently the weather here in Patagonia, as well as the weather in the park, changes on a dime.  Crazy hurricane winds, torrential rain, snow, hot sunshine, blue skies, funky clouds…on a rotating basis, every 10 minutesI stand warned.  Crossing my fingers.

Avocado and tomato sandwich for dinner along with half of a grande Sahne Nuss chocolate bar with almonds, and I´m set!

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