Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

Thank you Teddy Roosevelt for being inscribed in my little red pocket notebook.  TR is responsible for the quotation above.

After repeating this mantra all day and wearing green (Happy Saint Patty´s Day — drink an Irish Car Bomb for me) somehow luck turned out to be on my side.

I had a moment this morning where I absolutely hated the guts out of this country (*cough* Chile *cough*).  However, that is all resolved now and we´re friends again.  We might even be buddies, but I´m keeping my guard up.

As of this morning — still no package, I was freaking out.  By noon, Felipe told me he had called multiple phone numbers, multiple times, all to no response.  So, with that daunting fact in mind, I had Tonino, one of the hostel dudes phone around.  Same thing.  No one picks up their freaking phones in this country.  After a while, we got a lead: a new number and the name of some dude.  (You guessed it – of course no one answered this number either). We called back the only lady who had answered her phone and she told us to call the new number after lunch, the dude was on his break.

After the lead, we waited and I killed time by paging through Ernest Hemmingway´s The Old Man And The Sea.  All the while thinking,

Oh hey, I´m a business man, I work, therefore it ain´t no thing for me to take my lunch break from 1pm to FOUR!


At four, the answer was at least an answer:

Your package is here in Chile, but no it is not ready today and probably won´t be ready tomorrow.

Tonino told me which bus to catch directly to the airport.  25 minutes and hella blocks later, I was on a bus.  At the airport it was a whirlwind.  First I went to the Correos de Chile (Chilean Post Office) and that guy said,

“It´s not here.”

He sent me to airport customs.  The dude almost didn´t even open the door for me there and after I pleaded my case, he said,

“Sorry, it´s not here, you´ll have to wait until tomorrow, the place where I think your package is closed 20 minutes ago.”

I asked to speak to his boss.

Boss man immediately became my knight in shining armor.  Told him what was up, he made some phone calls and wrote down a dude´s name, then walked me outside and babbled directions across a few parking lots to the building where this dude works.

I got lost. I couldn´t find the building.  I put my tail between my legs and went back to Boss Man.  He chuckled and then walked me all the fifteen minute walk to the random building on the outskirts of the tarmac.  We talked about Watergate and the Nixon administration on the way…random.

At this new building, shipping customs, he introduced me to his friend and told his friend what was up, new dude went into the back and came back 10 minutes later with two ladies…one of whom I gave the story to and she said,

“Come back tomorrow.”

I said,

“I´ll wait here, now.”

She went back into the back.  Boss Man wished me luck and left.  After waiting for 45 minutes, a new dude out of the back appeared with my box.  (Fireworks and puppies and sunshine and butterflies exploding in my head at this point).

Walked out of the office with my package.  What now!?

…Oh no, the laundry place closes in 30 minutes and I haven´t picked up my laundry yet.  Ran and caught a ride on the cheap bus back into downtown (which takes 20 minutes) and ran to the lavanderia.

“I thought you weren´t going to come!  I´m glad you made it!”

Exhale.  Now pack, and don´t miss your flight tomorrow to Patagonia.

Stoked/Exhausted with the note my parents slipped into the box.

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One Response to Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

  1. binny says:

    pheew. that was a nail-biter!

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