Maybe it was a rough day because of all the construction dust I inhaled through my hostel-room-window…or maybe because that one Afroman song was stuck in my head and Quinn and Wyatt weren´t around to do a live performance for me…or maybe it was because the package that my parents had shipped to Santiago two weeks ago via Express Mail is MISSING IN ACTION.  Um, cool. As of this evening, I still haven´t seen the package, but apparently it´s somewhere in Chile.

My good friend Ricardo put me in contact with his brother Felipe, who lives here in Santiago, a couple months back, and the two have helped me a lot so far with my trip.  I still haven´t met Felipe face to face, but after being on the phone with him on and off all day, and sending emails back and forth to figure out this mess, he absolutely rocks.  And my parents rock too.  I called them during my morning this morning and woke them up super early in their morning in California.  My dad was at the front door of the Post Office when it opened to try to figure out things at that end.  Thank you.

So, apparently the USPS shipped the package…what´s in this package:  my BD tent, my WM sleeping bag, my whisperlite stove, my pot, and some chocolate that my dad stuffed in.  According to USPS the package was shipped on Mar. 3 from San Francisco, went to Atlanta and then arrived in Santiago on Mar. 4.  Well, according to the Chilean post office and customs, the package is not in Chile.  So this was my first half of the day.

Oh, I have a flight tomorrow morning, Wednesday, to head south to backpack to Patagonia for a month.  Awesome.


Apparently, this morning the package DID arrive in Chile (though I have yet to see it).  Felipe contacted customs and the airport and the post office multiple times today and then helped me delay my flight to Punta Arenas until this Friday.  Groovy. Now it´s a waiting game.

And if it doesn´t show up, the dude who runs the hostel has some random outdoor gear in the back room that he said we could discuss a price.  So we´ll see how this turns out.

Food for the day: A delicious hostel breakfast of a sunny side up egg, a hefty bowl of mixed fruit and yogurt and granola and honey, and a warm roll with butter and marmalade.  Two more of those red, yellow, green, and brown sandwiches from yesterday.  And a super salty Cup O Noodles…so as to try and saltify, or kill this cold that I´ve contracted.

Cross your fingers.  I am.

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