Sniffles in Santiago

So this is my dinner:  Two of these: Stuffed sandwiches of avo, tomato, and gouda on disintegrating bread (the bread made the journey all the way from Peru with me, so it´s been through a lot).

Woke up at 5am and arrived in Santiago just before 7am.  Killed a couple hours in the terminal doing this: updating my blog!  All updated!  Wahoo!

Then cruised a few minutes through town to my hostel.  Arrived and check-in wasn´t for another hour, so I hung out on the common room couches and just stared into space.  Got checked into my room when it was ready, showered!  Clean! Researched a few things for my travels in Patagonia and then went for a stroll to the grocery store.  Bought some groceries to tide me over for dinner today and food tomorrow and enjoyed the leisurely walk through the city blocks.

It´s now barely 8pm and I´ve sandwiched, talked to some hostel-goers about their Patagonian adventures, and have blown my nose at least 50 times today.  I have the sniffles.  Bummer!  Too many bus rides!

Looking forward to a much needed night´s sleep.

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One Response to Sniffles in Santiago

  1. Binny says:

    that sandwich looks delicious Jules!!! makes me hungry.

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