The Latter Half

Woke up at 4am in the middle of nowhere for a luggage check and it was freezing cold outside.  Lovin it.

Arrived in Calama just at 7am and purchased the last ticket, the longest of them all, the 24 hour ride to Santiago to leave just before 10am.  A few hours to kill.

Reminded of that sign on the 101 heading south:

It´s happening in Soledad!

Well, if that´s the case, then it´s REALLY happening in Calama.  Sat down on a bench to wait.  An hour later, a dog walks out from underneath the bench, through my legs, and lays down next to my feet.

Well, hello!  Good morning to you!  Where did you come from!?

The dude next to me starts to play with the dog, and a few minutes later returns with three Coca Cola´s.  One for his friend, one for himself, and one for me.  For me? Well sure, ok, if you insist.  Chatted up David and his friend Daniel – the two are both from Arica and my age.  This dude was a drummer in a heavy rock band so we talked about music and shows and instruments and whatnot.

My bus arrived.  Thanks for the Coke!  And off to Santiago!

No sooner than I´m on the bus, in the last seat next to the bathroom (lame), than the guy sitting in front of me starts chatting me up.  Little bit of a different story:  This dude, Jose, was like 45, and he bought me juice and some chocolate an hour into the ride when the first vendor hopped on the bus.

What is this, free drinks for Julie day?

Nice dude, had some good conversation.  But, when we got back on the bus after the lunch break in Antofagasta, he started acting weird:  apparently before we got off the bus he had asked me to lunch, and I didn´t eat with him in the bus terminal, so when we were back on the bus he was butt hurt, and I was completely confused.

Dude, I´m delirious, I´ve been on busses for way too long.  Chill out.

Whatever, everything was fine.  I read for a while and then passed out for a couple hours.  At the next stop, there was some confusion with his ticket and a couple who boarded the bus, so he moved seats and sat down in the open seat next to me.  Awesome, NOT.

After our dinner of a little salami sandwich and apricot juice, I turned over and fell asleep.

Homeboy got off at some stop in the middle of the night (sweet!).

Super creep, Super creep, he´s super creepy!

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One Response to The Latter Half

  1. Binny says:

    This post is nothing without pictures of the creeper! C’mon Julie, think more photojournalist. In want pictures–no–I NEED more pictures!

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