Checking Out

A long day, with epic daily Check-Ins followed by a trip Check-Out.  As a group, we walked across town to San Blas to indulge in a yummy lunch.  On our walk, we saw our friend from the other day (The local dude who told us not to let the term “gringo” fly…check the blog posts from before Machu Picchu).  Check out his day job!!!

Check out The Muse Too´s delicious lunch menu.

And while we dined, we did, we checked out:

Lani, Jalen

Jalen, Ingmar, Blake

Kina, Benji, Quinn, Josie, Wyatt

Wyatt, Hanna, Jonah

Claire, Me.

The rest of the afternoon everyone packed.  We enjoyed a hostel-home-made delicious chicken curry over rice.  And then, to send me off with a bang, Jonah sprayed me with shaving cream and we had a massive group hug.  Out the door to the words: Go get after it!

Taxi to the bus terminal and onto the first of four long bus rides to cover the 2291.6 miles from Cusco, Peru to Santiago, Chile.

What an epic trip with an epic group of individuals.  Rock on.

(I will continue blogging post-UA trip, however, do expect that there will be time gaps and lapses as I will be backpacking for days on end and in and out of internet accessibility.  I´ll be down here in South America until my flight back to Miami on May 18th from Lima, Peru.)

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