Gettin´After It!

Up before the crack of dawn (4am) and waiting for a bus up the hill.  Pitch black and am glad we made a group decision to not talk to each other for the first hour after waking up.

Caught a bus up the windy, steep, shear edged road at around 5:30am to the Machu Picchu entrance.  I was thinking about three things during this ride: 1. This reminds me of the sketchy-ness of the put-in road to the Tuolomne River, 2. I am officially in Jurassic Park, 3. Hanna, I know you have the rumble and you´re sitting behind me…please don´t puke on me.

Before the sun broke through the clouds, our first view of the genious terracing of Machu Picchu with Huayna Picchu (the mountain) in the background.

Our guide for a few hours, Sergio, showed Mr. Yordan Boles and his Unschool Adventure group around Machu Picchu proper, all the while telling us about the book he is writing about his discoveries about MP and the work his team of researchers is doing…right. Funny guy…learned some cool things and after every sentence he would ask us:

“Clear the idea?”

Notice that the rock behing the group has been filed and shaped to model the mountain behind it.  Incas = Incredible Engineers.

“Follow me boys, follow me girls.  Be careful.  If you fall down, remember, it´s an offering to Pacha Mama.” -Sergio

Sergio Sanchez, I mean, Sergio kept us entertained, that´s for sure!

After our tour with Sergio concluded, some of the group decided to go big and get after Huayna Picchu, a steep, steep, staircased climb… that at the top, was for sure rewarding.

Real men.  Atop Huayna Picchu.

Real girls.  Really funky girls.

Keepin´it classy with Quinn.

All at once, up top, we had Quinn, Josie, Lani, Benji (who literally ran up AND down the mountain), Wyatt, Blake, Claire, and myself.

Back down on the terraces, Wyatt found himself some llamas.

Everyone headed back to the hostel down in Aguas Calientes.  However, Benji and I decided that we wanted to cool off the mountain and slowly head back into town.  We walked down the Inca steps (the two hour hike down, yea, did that in about 45 minutes because Benji is a beast and I had to keep up with him).

Cheers to chocolate milk and a successful, leg-sore return to Aguas Calientes.

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