Bienvenidos a La Jungla…Round 2.

Up and outted from our hostel in Cusco in the morning with only the clothes on our backs and some tiny backpacks.  Off to Machu Picchu we go!

We rode in a cramped big van for two hours through some absolutely breathtaking countryside to the town of Ollaltaytambo.  We then hopped on a two hour train that rode us alongside the chocolate milk rushing rapid river of all time (Josie´s first train rideEVER!).

We arrived at the train stop in Aguas Calientes (the town at the base of the jungly-mountainous region that is home to Machu Picchu) and were then escorted to our hostel for the night.

Internation UA Trip Leader, Mr. Yordan Boles, at your service.

The cobbled streets and maze of market stands increased the difficulty of navigating through the downpour of rain but the town is super tiny, so we didn´t get lost.

Because we plan be up and going by 4AM tomorrow, we decided to have a relaxing afternoon followed by an early dinner so that we will be well rested.  While hanging out, Jalen became “Jay” and we had our own in house entertainment.

Check out those guns!

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