Peruvian Flair!

The entertainment of the day:

-Started with a pretty view from the San Blas plaza:

-I bought my bus tickets for the end of the week (on Friday night, as the group packs up their gear for their flight to Miami on Saturday morning, I will hop on the first of 4 busses and 3 days of travel back to Santiago, Chile to continue traveling).

-Jonah found a slushy drink that was TOO sugary for him. Who knew!?

-At the big open market, Blake, Jonah and I were talked up by a local dude who told us to flip off anyone and everyone who called us “gringos” while aggressively swearing at them. Intense? Then he led us around town to a vegetarian restaurant. He was thoroughly impressed with our Spanish and he got super excited when we complimented him on his English.

-Jonah and I left lunch early because he had the Rumble. Later, back at the hostel, Blake brought me my lunch of rice and stirfry: in a bag.

-Epic cloud banked view of the Cusco valley from the balcony of our hostel:

-Lani, Kina, Claire, Josie, Benji, Jalen, and I had an epic game of SET. Blake made a guest appearance and schooled all of us. When Claire got bored, her queue to go confused us all…

“I´m gonna go put on some chapstick.”

…and she returned an hour later.

-Just before falling asleep, Blake jumped up and ran out of the room to go dance to “Vamos A La Playa” — the guys down the hall were loudly playing a random selection of hilarious songs on their radio. If you don´t know what song I´m talking about, enjoy:

-Also, just before falling asleep, I took 20 minutes with my pocketknife and tweezers, dePeruvian Flairing my laundry. I got purple. Ingmar got yellow.

(Thank you laundry ladies for the little colored string bows and the front of my underwear, as well as on every garment of my clothes you washed. However, I prefer my clothes flair-less, except for my occasional tie-dye.) Ingmar was stoked about his new yellow tags, maybe I was just tired and cranky.

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One Response to Peruvian Flair!

  1. Binny says:

    Hahahah. I can’t believe you didn’t like the Peruvian Flairing!

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