ViVa El Peru

Sunday, our first awake day in Cusco, and it just so happens to be Carnaval! A huge, city-wide festival involving water balloons, confetti, shaving cream, and silly string as well as music and gringo-spotting event.

To start the morning off refreshed, Wyatt, Benji, Blake, Ingmar and I climbed the hill behind our hostel to A. Find Jesus (the bleach white statue of Cristobal Blanco stood atop the hill), and B. Check out Cusco from above.

Climb we did. The heavy breathing was worth it:

Looking across the terra cotta colored rooftops of the city of Cusco, surrounded by the deep jungle green hills of the mountain slopes (one featuring: Viva El Peru), and inhaling the sweet smell of cinnamon was absolutely invigorating.

Even with indian clay colored mud-caked shoes and flip-flops, we soaked it up.

When we got back to the hostel, we met with the rest of the group who had ventured down into town.

“Did you guys see Carnaval stuff?” -Blake
“Yea, we got sprayed.” -Hanna
“I saw it in my face.” -Claire

Well, the entire group had the pleasure of experiencing the adrenaline rush of Carnaval when we walked/ran/sprinted to lunch. We were chased by a group of local teenagers who poured water buckets, chucked water balloons, sprayed shaving cream, dumped confetti, and squirted silly string, all on our obviously tourist selves.

The results:
Jalen, soaked through to the bone.

Kina, Josie, and Lani — attacked from behind.

Regardless of our pre-lunch entertainment, lunch itself was absolutely delicious. The pre-fixed or “set” menus here in Peru are cheap and so worth it. Multiple courses of yummy goodness:

We afternooned during the afternoon and Ingmar and crew whipped up eight delicious pizzas for our dinner pleasure. While cooking, they maintained straight faces while talking solely in Jersey Shore accents.

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