7Liter Jugs of Water

We arrived in Cusco super early in the morning and cruised up to the little neighborhood of San Cristobal to pass out at our hostel and regroup.

We had a brief check-in on the pavement of the San Cristobal Plaza and spotted our first llamas. Each llama was wearing a brightly colored scarf around their neck, how festive.

We rallied and headed all the way down the steep hill, across the Plaza de Armas, and into downtown to the Mega supermarket to supply for the next few days. Blake finalized Machu Picchu tour stuff. At 10,000 feet for only a few hours, as well as not being acclimatized, we embarked on our near death march up the massive hill to our hostel…all the while carrying two full grocery bags each or a massive 7 Liter jug of water. Jonah was a beast and carried two water jugs.

Back at the hostel, we indulged in an avocado, tomato, cucumber, cheese, and mustard sandwich lunch. The avocados were HUGE:

And the sandwiches were delicious.

And then I went to sleep at 2:30 in the afternoon. Llama tally for the day: 6.

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