Rumble in the Jungle / Tribute to Jalen

Double title blog, take your pick.

Today was spent going through the process of acquiring ISIC cards (Internation Student Identification Cards). How did it go? Well, Blake spent 20 minutes explaining the concept of homeschooling to the lady behind the desk.

The second spanish class went with Malena to the market today. Ingmar and I tried to join the crew, but after losing them in the crowd, we gave ourselves an hour walking tour of that side of Arequipa. I felt like I was walking through the Peruvian version of San Francisco’s China Town. Too much going on, too many different smells, too much smog, too many bright colors right next to each other, and too much crap.

Before our best group meeting yet, (Thank you Jalen!), I took some sneaky portrait shots of some of the crew.

Apparently, Jalen had her defenses lined up.

Josie, always smiling.

Our Ingmar, The Viking.

Jalen had some free time this afternoon, so with her mind on cake, that’s exactly what she did. Vegan chocolate cake with coconut frosting.

YUM. It tasted even better because the sunset was off the hook:

And looking toward Misti:

During meeting, Quinn explained to us the meaning of “Rumble in the Jungle” because Wyatt has had a rough few days:

“When you hear the rumble in the jungle, you gotta listen to the tiger’s call…When you have sonic diarrhea, you don’t want to poop your pants.”

Solid advice.

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