Day Off Round Two

Took my second day off today here in Arequipa. Unlike my last day off, (back in Bariloche, when I explored the mountains and lakes for the day) this day off was a day to check things off my to do list. The things on my to do list: buy a pen (my pen ran out of ink), buy an over the shoulder bag (my little drawstring sack finally ripped), buy some postcards and write them and send them, Skype with my parents and some friends, catch up writing in my journal, catch up with the blog, update my CPR instructor certification online and fax the certificates of completion back to Davis, catch up on unanswered emails, and research New Zealand stuff for fall/next year.

Well, I did get about a third of the list completed. Got a pen, caught up in my journal, half-way caught up on the blog, Skyped with people, updated my CPR instructor stuff, and answered about half of the starred emails in my inbox. Basically, I spent way too much time in internet cafes and was bug eyed by the time I got back to the room at 9:30 at night (an hour past my routine bedtime). For a day off dinner, in bed, I did pretty well: 3 apple pastries and 2 bananas. Perfect.

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