Follow the Gray Cobbled Road

Through the green, to the little country town of Sogay we go!

Saturday morning check-in on Pepe and Melena’s roof became Saturday morning roof roll around as demonstrated by Quinn.

The first night with the homestay families went well and after our morning wake up we rallied as a group and caught an hour and a half mini-bus out to the little town of Sogay. A mini-bus is like an extended VW bus, with standing room, and the ability to squish about 40 people in a very tiny space. Blake and I got real friendly with our armpits and those of the people immediately around us on our bumpy adventure out into the country. Our plan for the day was to hike to waterfalls that Pepe had told us about. Almost to Sogay, our mini-bus drove through a river, a rushing river, like it was no big deal. !!!

The maze of tiny, weaving, gray cobbled streets in Sogay confused us at first, but a man named Angel and his mula led our group down the gray cobbled road, through green pasture and terrace, toward more green and more gray cobbled road. The directions he gave us when he cut off the road were simple: get into town, go up the hill, hang a left, and follow the water drainage on the side of the road to the waterfalls!

Smelled Davis-esque cow goodness when we passed this moo cow de Sogay on the roadside. When we got closer we realized he was a ginormous bull.

We walked along, taking deep breaths of clean and crisp country air and soon arrived at section of road where the river had won the battle. Our second (of four!) river crossings for the day. Jonah acted as the group ferry.

After following Angel’s directions, we were still on a cobbled gray road, above the greater area of Sogay, and we were HANGRY. After Blake talked to some locals, we decided to pass on the waterfalls and rather hang out at our plush lunch spot. We provided and enjoyed plenty of roadside entertainment.

Game: Blake and Ingmar trying to poke each other. Twas such an intense game that Ingmar’s hat fell off!

The Tango Tag Team: Quinn and Josie. Tango-ing through South America.

Epic game of group Ninja. Check out the view from our spot!

Truly a well-spent afternoon in the pleasantly silent, green Peruvian countryside.

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