Started the morning off with the routine apple pies with Cameron. We found the best ones yet. We even waited for them to pop out of the oven at the pastry shop.

Flex-Week ended last night and today we jumped ship from the hostel and headed across town to the other side of the river to start our second week in Arequipa. Homestays and language school!

Upon meeting Melena and Pepe, wife and husband, the two Juanjo Spanish School teachers (the school is located on the first floor of their four story house), we also met the home stay moms. Melena nicknamed Ingmar, “The Viking.” Instead of individual homestays, there are now paired homestays…so five homestay houses in total.

Walking around the blocks near the language school, Jalen, Claire, and I spotted a Peruvian hummingbird. Fluttering about, and a challenge to photograph, this hummer had a funky long tail. Check it out.

Blake, Ingmar, and I moved into our new residence, across the river from the crew in a three bedroom, bed and breakfasty sort of place. Already we are definitely getting our walking workouts for the day.

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