You Want the Whole Damn City?!

This morning began with a search for again, delicious, gooey, fresh-out-the-oven pastries. Cameron, Tara, Ingmar and I returned to the apple pie pasteleria, however, we were not greeted by mini apple pies. Apparently, Cameron and I ate all of them the other day. Peach and date flakey pastries it is. To be consumed on the sidewalk:

The four of us caught a rather relaxing taxi ride over to the bus station across town. Cam and Tara purchased bus tickets for Huacachina. They’ll head there on Friday and sand board down massive dunes for a few days. Ingmar and I purchased tickets for the next leg of journey from Arequipa to Cusco. Our cab ride back to the hostel, was, to say the least, exhilarating.

“Do you think these guys (cab drivers) go home and play video games? Or do you think they’re too tired because they’ve essentially been gaming all day, playing Mario Kart?” -Ingmar

Blake hailed our return.

The group took us to an AWESOME local archaeological museum, where we saw bound corpses, tapestries, pottery, weapons, and Incan artifacts.

Over a falafel lunch and lemonade, Cam and Tara explained the difficulty they have had with communicating the words “lemon” and “lime.” According to Cameron’s Spanish/English phrase book, lime = lima and lemon = limon. This seems to not be the case:

“We order limon and get lemon. Whenever we order lima, they look at us like we’re crazy.” -Tara
“You want the whole damn city?!” -Cam

Late in the afternoon, as the sky was the color of a heavy, about to crack sidewalk, a group of us headed down the road towards the river, Jonah’s orange soccer ball in hand. Our “field“: a dried up, concrete outlined, 4′ deep, overgrown, grassy, pond-like thing, with a statue in the middle.

We teamed up and the scrimmage ensued. After about a half hour of play (intense soccer, lots of laughter, and Quinn yelling “Goooooooooooooooaaaaal!” from the sidelines when appropriate, or randomly) we noticed that a group of maybe twenty onlookers had seated themselves on the amphitheater-grass surrounding our playing field. Six local teens hopped into the pit and joined the faded yellow, street-light-lit game. Lani,
kept us all entertained on the sideline with her amusing player commentary.

Looking forward to the morrow!

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