Comida Coma

Today was all about food.  Any and every type of food.

Started off the brisk morning strolling around the city blocks with Cam.  Our goal: A gooey, sweet danish (or even two!)  Our stomachs really started talking and we finally discovered the spot.  We made two visits within 10 minutes for a total of 2 and a half mini apple pies each.  We munched on the sidewalk and watched the city awake.

Met Claire, Kina, Wyatt, and Lani at the supermarket to do the day´s shopping.  Quick trip to pick up lunch food and we headed back to the hostel.

As the rest of the group awoke from their slumber, a group of us played with the pugs and journaled and chatted, the usual.

Lunchtime arrived!  Cheese, meat, and avo sandwiches and yogurt on the rooftop city-overlook with Jalen, Claire, and Benji.

The four of us bummed around downstairs and talked all about our friends at home.  I found a tiny djembe in the corner and dropped a beat on that for a while.

These teeny tiny sandwiches simply are not enough to keep me sustained until 7:30pm dinner.  This is what happens when I am in a lack of food coma:

What will I supplement my lunch with today?  A second lunch? Or…

Hey Julie, want to walk with us to the grocery store?  We´re going to bake a carrot cake! -Jalen, Claire, Hannah

So, back to the grocery store while battling the sugar low of all time (which for me is like sugar-high of all time).  Thoroughly entertaining conversation and a thoroughly hilarious shopping adventure yielded a shopping bag with these contents:  Chips Ahoy!, Almond Snickers, 500ml Drinkable Peach-Flavored Yogurt, Carrot Cake supplies, Peanut Butter, and more cookies.

Check out the pattern combinations of sweater/jacket/poncho and bag for each of these girls.

As Jalen and I waited outside the supermarket for Hannah and Claire, I chugged my yogurt and Jalen told me all about the best cakes she has ever made:

¨Julie.  You don´t even know what it´s like to not eat cake for this long when you love cake as much as I do.  I love cake so much Julie.¨ -Jalen

On the way back to the hostel, Hannah polished off a bag, yes, an entire bag of chocolate milk.

I grabbed the Inca Kola from my room and headed up to the rooftop kitchen where Claire and Jalen made us a deal:  Hannah and I could have some carrot cake if we kept Claire and Jalen entertained while they baked and then we were to do their dishes afterwards.  *Important realization, the oven does not work.

Jalen´s utterly brilliant idea:  Carrot Cake Pancakes with powdered sugar/soymilk syrup on top.

Done deal.

Claire and Jalen did exactly that, whipped up a storm on top of the stove, while Hannah chocolate-milk-coma-ed and I cracked as many lame jokes as I could remember.  Finally, we resorted to absurd, funny, ridiculous stories.  Then we proceeded to overdose on sugar.  So worth it!

Here, the carrot cake pancake topped with melted powdered sugar.

Dinner was a speedy stuff face sesh with Ingmar.  We had one hour so we walked down the way to the Mexican Taco place.  Shoveled cool guacamole, mushy refried beans, steaming tortillas and Mexican rice, shredded chicken, and cold chunky salsa into our mouths.

I food coma-ed all the way through meeting and the second half of X-MEN 2.  Made my way to bed and called it a day.

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