Inca Kola

Dear Inca Kola,

Yellow Flourescent Yum
Liquid Delicious Bubblegum
In the Morning
Or Late at Night
You Seem to Settle My Stomach
And Blind Me with Your Bright
Color, Taste and Memories Alike

The last time I drank Inca Kola was when I was maybe 12 and in middle school on cultural day. It definitely still has the same amazing flavor as it did back then! And so here I am, with Ingmar in Peru, drinking Inca Kola.

This morning all of us headed over to a grassy patch in front of one of the local churches and munched on lunch while riddling ourselves silly. My favorite riddle of the past two years:

Ok, so there´s a man, laying in a desert, he´s wearing tights and there´s a rock next to him. Who is he and what happened?

(Yes or No questions only.)

Spent the afternoon strolling around downtown with Wyatt, Kina, and Ingmar. Interesting to think of all my friends who have walked these same streets, inhaled this same smog, and felt this same cloud sprinkle from this same sky.

In the late evening, what a fantastic surprise, but who else to run into on a puddle covered, cobble street, than Mister Cameron Lovejoy and his travel partner in crime, Tara. Cameron and I first crossed paths on a 7 day epic cross country backpacking trip with Blake and our friend David a few years back in the High Sierra. He´s visited me in Davis a few times and we´ve bumped into eachother here and there since that backpacking trip. Cameron and Tara know nearly all of the group via Not Back to School Camp, and will be hanging around Arequipa for the next few days before they continue with their Peruvian escapades.

¨Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.¨ -Provst

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