The White City

I woke up at 4am and was ready to go. Not ok. Woke up for real at 6am and started my day…with a cold shower. This hostel lacks hot water. Super epic fail.

We laundered, stocked up at the supermarket, and munched on sandwiches on the rooftop balcony for lunch.

Somehow my body clock is way off — we turned our watches back 2 hours upon crossing the Peruvian border. However, the distance and time change doesn´t really make sense to me. Obviously, it really doesn´t make sense to my body. I napped for 2 and a half hours post-lunch. Crucial.

The group split up and explored the city for the afternoon and I cruised the couple blocks over to the city plaza, the hub of downtown.

Earlier, there was a parade circling the plaza and weaving through the surrounding streets. Kina joined in the fun and danced with the parade goers for a block or so! Yea girl!

Dinnered and bedded and dreamt heavily.

Arequipa is keeping up appearances as ¨The White City¨so far. Not only are the buildings a light hazy gray of volcanic ash, but since we´ve been here, the sky has been an ashen gray as well…a thick blanket of clouds resting above.

I want the sunshine to come back.

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