Hare Hare

Arrived in Arica, a town at the tip top of Chile, at 6 in the morning. Stumbled across town to our hostel (the Arica Surf Hostel – Word up Bro Bra, Brombre, Broseppie, Bromigo!) and checked in…4 hours early. Dropped bags in the big common room that had surfboards on every wall, as well as hanging from the ceiling, and proceeded to crash on the couch for a bit.

Moved to a bed and slept more and then woke up at 2pm. This day really felt like two separate days. Weird.

Jonah and Ingmar went surfing and had an adventure. Jalen and Hannah made a chessboard and used coins as pieces. Benji slept on the couch. The rest of the group ping ponged, kicked it, and caught up with family at home on Skype.

Ingmar has been itching to have his hair cut for the past 2 weeks. So when he returned from surfing, we started the process…with my teeny tiny, but super sharp pocket knife scissors. This is the before picture.

We don’t have the after picture yet, because we still haven’t finished.

We strolled across town to the Govinda Restaurant, where we Hare Hare’d and Krisna Krisna’d and ate a delicious three course vegetarian meal.

Mandatory Sahne Nuss almond chocolate dessert. And goodnight moon.

The last week or so has been a journey: from Santiago to Antofagasta to San Pedro de Atacama to Calama to Arica and next to Arequipa!

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