Red Eye

Today was dubbed “Sleep in Day”…our last morning in San Pedro de Atacama. After a ridiculous Skype sesh last night with all the girls in the girls house in Davis, I should have slept in, but alas, I did not.

Walked into town with Claire, Jonah, and Hannah while discussing the realm of recycling and trash. Was reminded of the Whole Earth Festival theme a few years back, Conscious Creation. Ordered coffee at a cafe, however, a few minutes later we were informed that the power in the entire town had just shut off. We waited and 20 minutes later enjoyed our espresso in style.

In style = pinky fingers up so as to model the “Blake Boles beverage consuming model”.

Jonah inhaled his chocolate shake as we talked about the different types of coffee and the creative names paired with them. For example: Muddy Water, Red Eye, Depth Charge.

Hung out around town, wrote some postcards with Blake, got sunburnt, and then checked out the town cemetery. This is the third cemetery that I’ve visited on this trip and the first thing I noticed here was the abundance of brightly neon colored plastic flowers on every grave. I had never seen anything like this and was initially disturbed by the what-seemed-to-me loud and abrasive intrusion to the visual-aesthetic of the individual graves themselves. It seemed like a carnival or a party…which potentially could have been the goal of the grave decorators. On a second note, I know there is plenty in this culture with which I am unfamiliar, so I should not be one to judge.

In the afternoon, a group of us hung out on the park play structure a few blocks away from our hostel and then enjoyed hot, fresh-out-the-oven pan bread. With guitar tunes floating in the background, we loaded our packs into the trusty, rusty, big blue van and walked to the bus terminal.
San Pedro de Atacama to Calama = ~2 hours.
Pollo del Rey chicken and french fries for dinner = greasy.
Calama to Arica = ~8 hours overnight and terrible sleep. Maybe I didn’t sleep well because of Jalen’s goodnight song to me (on her iPod):

“Physics makes us all its bitches, physics makes us all its bitches…”

Bouncy bus = numb legs = constantly waking up = total terrible sleep of ~3 hours = red eyes.

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