DRY as

Over the summer I was hysterically laughing with my roommate Noa, and I asked her why I seem to act like a 12 year old when I´m around her. She responded:

Because I´m better than any age defying cream.

Today I thought a lot about age defying cream…because I thought about wrinkles, overexposure to the sun, and sunburns (possible even when wearing shoes, long pants and sleeves, sunglasses, and a baseball cap). Therefore, my mind drifted to fifty years down the line when I might need some super snazzy face lotion. (Don´t worry mom, I put on sunscreen umpteen times a day and wear lots of covering clothes).

But really, it is dry here. When we returned to our hostel this evening after an afternoon of hiking through sections of the desert surrounding San Pedro de Atacama, I watched three people pour what seemed like an hour glass of sand out of their shoes. Three people!

We hiked through eroded canyons, salt flats, and down through layers of sediment as we explored a true desert environment. Truly felt like I was in Death Valley, California. Very similar geologic history and physical presentation.

Right after meeting our guide, Salvador, I started to give him a hard time about his glacier goggles (not out loud, just in my head…. something to the effect of, “Dude, you’re not on a mountain.”) Glacier goggles are super snazzy all covering glasses that prevent any unfiltered light from entering your vision. However, after we survived our first sand/wind abrasion fest, I understood and was clearly jealous of his eyewear.

The “Tres Maria’s” or “The Watchers” were some pretty funky wind eroded structures that seemed very out of place, surrounded by sand dunes. To seem further out of place, Blake, Claire, Hannah, and Ingmar posed for the shot.

For sunset, we climbed to the top of a massive ashen colored dune (along with easily 100 other people) and soaked up the 360 degree view of dark pastel colors.

The best moment for me was after the sun set and the Andes on the opposite horizon commenced in a color changing festival.

Claire, Jalen, and I had a blast in the ridiculously hot, no need for counter space, hostel kitchen, while cooking a broccoli, onion, zucchini, ginger, garlic, and peanut stirfy, while rocking out to the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Stadium Arcadium album.

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One Response to DRY as

  1. Paula says:

    Julie, thanks so much for your excellent blogging! And your photos are beautiful as well.

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