Desert Solitaire

I’ve made it about half way through Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire three times. I like parts of it, and I appreciate the appreciation that Abbey has for the desert, but alas, I seem to get distracted every time. It’s my friend Lauren’s favorite book. And Lauren’s an awesome homie, so it’s on my to do (or rather, to finish) list for 2011.

Woke up with no blood in my legs to a juicy, bursting sunrise. The sun was definitely ready this morning, and had no hesitation in making its presence known.

Around lunch time, we passed through a town. Normal. There are towns in Chile, yes. There are also dogs in Chile. Yes. But, there are also a few proud contortionist dogs in Chile. Word!

Notice he is laying on his back, head flopped to the right, legs splayed and cranked to the left. I felt similar to this canine in the cage of my bus seat.

Get me off of this bus! I joined Wyatt and Jonah in bus madness and started to get antsy. Like antsies in my pantsies, kinda want to dance-y, get me outtttttta here!

Jonah, entertained us all by singing

“I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine….”

in a super high pitched voice, on repeat, for at least 45 minutes.

Desert Solitaire. Flat, dry, tan, sandy desert with a string of power lines, decorating the roadside.

At our last stop before our destination, Blake and I (mainly, I) almost lost (killed) the frisbee. In a bus terminal parking lot, with a 10 minute break, we thought tossing the frisbee around would wake us up, get our blood flowing, and entertain bus bystanders. Well, we definitely entertained. My first toss to Blake, up and awayed with the wind and landed underneath the back left four wheels of a double decker bus.

“Ahhhhhhh! Save it from disc death!” -Blake

I initially panicked, flighted and didn’t fight it, then overcame my fear of losing a limb. I ran over to the bus as it turned on its engine and shut its doors. Run, spot, lay down on my stomach, quick Hail Mary, blind arm reach through four huge wheels, and slide frisbee to safety! Success. I have the frisbee, I have my arm.

Arrived in the driest place on Earth: San Pedro de Atacama. Roberto, our hostel manager, rolled up in his blue, old school, mom van, and proceeded to drive all 13 of us, and all 13 of our backpacks, across town to Iquiza Hostel.

It did. The van made it there, safely and soundly, with all of us arriving at the hostel 10 minutes later. CHAMP.

Unloaded while the group showered and stuffed face and grooved to the smooth tunes of Wyatt on the 5 string hostel guitar (No low E string, bummer).

Blake and I headed downtown to stuff face because the group demolished dinner before we got our hands on any grub. We shared the Protein Padre. The Daddy of all Dishes, the Chorillano. A dish for two: a bed of french fries covered with chicken, sausage, steak, an egg, and onions. Take that hungry stomach!

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One Response to Desert Solitaire

  1. Lauren says:

    Desert Solitaire wahoo! I’m glad you’re IN it. Your blog is amazing, and you are amazing. Sending lots of love to the southern hemisphere!

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