Que Hora Es?

Awoke…what day is it? What time is it?

It’s a travel day! Wahoo! Packed up and walked down the hill to meet the group in town. We got passed on the way there by a white Subaru, with Jonah, Kina, Quinn, and Hannah waving at us from the backseat. Walked the rest of the way there, stocked up on Sahne Nuss chocolate for our slew of bus rides over the next 36 hours, and packed it to the bus station.

After a four hour bus ride or so (I was playing the head bobbing game the entire time), we took over the same corner of the Santiago bus terminal restaurant that we had last weekend. After purchasing bus tickets for our next leg of the trip (San Pedro de Atacama to Calama, Calama to Arica), Blake and I rejoined the group in the restaurant (it’s actually really a cafeteria). As Blake headed off with some of the group to the internet cafe (to do some major catch up on blogs):

“Do you think you can hold down the fort here Jules?” -Blake
“For sure B. I’m in no rush. I’ve got a Skype date at 4pm, but that’s it.” -Me
“Well, don’t stay here then, you better get going…it’s ten till.” -Blake
“What? It’s 11:45am right?” -Me
“Jules, we got on the bus at 11:30am in Pichi…and it was a four hour bus ride.” -Blake

…All the while during this conversation, I had been looking at my wristwatch and it said 11:45am. I flicked through all the settings, and it was still…11:45am. Bewildered and completely confused, I came to the conclusion that Blake was right and somehow my watch had reset itself.

How? I don’t know. But obviously I wasn’t awake enough to realize I was wrong. Scrambled to find a computer with Skype and was on time for the 4pm Skype sesh.

Demonstrating our color coordinated diets for travel days, Quinn:

During this snack sesh, Claire returned from the bathroom (which costs 250 pesos ~ 50 cents ish) and shared her epiphany with us.

“That was the nice thing about going home for lunch. Three free pees a day. All the rest, in the ocean!” -Claire

Jumped on our 2nd 24 hour bus in 8 days. Fantastic. An hour into the ride, when it was still early, the bus man came walking down the aisle, passing out little boxes to each passenger.

“Are we being fed already? Or is he handing out presents?” -Ingmar

…Our “dinner” consisted of a Sprim juice box, an oatmeal cookie, a mini pack of peanuts, and a butterscotch suckem candy. Saturday faded into Sunday.

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