Punta de Lobos

Headed down the dirt road on our morning walk to meet the group at school.

Checked in with the crew, and then split for lunch. Blake headed out with Jalen and Claire to their homestay for a hearty Chilean meal. I raced to the internet cafe down the way with Benji and Wyatt, so as not to be late for my Skype date with my parents! A thoroughly entertaining hour that was, especially because it was the first time they have used Skype. After plenty of laughs and the increased roar of my stomach growling, it was that time. Two empanadas each as Ingmar and I discussed the concept of mentoring.

Mid-empanada coma, Ingmar, Hannah, Benji, Jonah, and I hopped on a collectivo and rode the ride a few kilometers down the road to the world famous surf spot: Punta de Lobos.

View upon arrival: High tide salt water pool and big breakers crashing close to shore, dropping a beat.

Jonah, a San Diego surfer, was jonesing to get out into the surf, but Chris, the language school director and local surf buff, couldn’t make it out this afternoon. So Jonah stood, and tasted the salt water breeze.

The two photogenic (not really from this angle, woops) Punta De Lobos pelican afternoon hang out rocks:

For a while, Benji stood tall on the sandstone cliff, arms outstretched and raised in the air, and WAS Poseidon, conducting the sets of crashing blue tubes and invigorating their frequency with his adrenaline.

“Dude, I love that layer where the foam is marbled and dissipating and it looks like freaking porschiutto!” -Benji

Windy, but loving feeling the ocean spray tickle our faces.

Fell asleep satisfied with an epic sunset from the cabin and the positive tunes of Toots and the Maytals, Funky Kingston.

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