Eggs in a Bag

Our morning group check-in began with a bang:

“I plan to go to that place with the pizza holes today!” -Quinn
Empanadas!” -The entire group in unison.

…Gazing out at the point in the distance reminds me of where the lighthouse sits at Point Reyes. That in mind, I was humming along to the modified tune of: “If you’re going to Point Reyes Seashore, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!”

On the way to the beach with Jonah, Blake, and Ingmar, I started to psych myself up and get ready for the chilly waves. The boys plan: paddle out to the big waves and shred the gnar. My plan: stick to the smaller waves nearer shore with the hundred other surfers on colorful boards.

…The waves were funky, coming in every direction in, across, and away from the beach, but I got up a few times. Met Blake back at the surf shop:

“You were right, it was like a washing machine out there. Jonah was our paddle master.” -Blake

The rest of the group enjoyed a relaxing afternoon on the sand and we parted ways for dinner. Blake and I swung by the one of many, local verdulerias to buy some veggies and eggs. I asked for eight eggs. And eight eggs I got, perfectly placed into a thin plastic bag. A PLASTIC BAG! Better be careful on the way home!

Hung out with Chris and Val, their neighbors, and their friends from Santiago on the patio. Chris was doing up pizzas in their mud oven!

Sunset was absolutely gorgeous with orange, gray, blue, and purple and a raspberry dapple of clouds in the southern sky. Had a heavy discussion about believers and non-believers of the green flash….does it really exist? Apparently, it does. Four out of the seven people at the pizza bake had witnessed the flash, three of them right here on this same patio. I have never seen the flash (I’m pretty sure I claimed that I had when I was 10 and standing on the beach in Hawaii, but really, that was a false claim. Let’s get serious.)

However, this group might have convinced me. From now on, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the green flash.

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One Response to Eggs in a Bag

  1. Arianna Kosel says:

    Julie! I love having a window into your adventures way south of the border. Keep livin’ it up girl! Much love,

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