Dale! Dale! (Daaaaa laaaaaaay)

Glad to hear that Blake was refreshed after his day off as we walked down the hill towards school.

“How’d you sleep?” -Me
“Well, at 2am I had a 20 minute mosquito death fest, so besides that, pretty good.” -Blake

After checking in with our motley crew, our conversation continued as our confusion about how why in a surfing town, cafes as well as the general population are not up and about before 10am. Therefore, Blake decided that Pichilemu, contrary to popular thought, is not a surfing town. The mobs of surfers in the water everyday are just figments of our imagination:

“When I get back to the states, I’m gonna tell everyone that people don’t surf in South America. The waves here break backwards, like out towards the open ocean. It’s a dangerous proposition.” -Blake.

After our post-language class meet up on the balcony, I walked with Quinn, Hannah, Kina, and Jonah across town. Jonah and Quinn and their host family had invited me to lunch. Lunch we did, and in a beautiful wooden paned, big bay windowed, tall ceilinged house. A deep bowl served to the brim with corn and white bean chowder hit the spot. After lunch, Quinn and Jonah napped (to pre-game for afternoon surfing, of course), and I continued the conversation with Mario and Edit, the host parents. Somehow we got onto the topic of flour mills, and Mario explained to me that in Chile, they have both regular flour and toasted flour. One of his favorite things to eat is toasted flour on watermelon. (The women of the family think this concoction is absurd, weird, and they just laugh at him).

“Quieres probar?” -Mario
“Por supuesto, si!” -Me

Watermelon with toasted flour:

Talk about awesome. Tasted like puffed rice cereal mixed with watermelon juicyness.

Back to the beach and surfs up!

According to Chris, the statement: “Dale” means “Go for it!” So that’s what everyone is yelling when I’m in the water paddling really hard and trying to catch a wave. Got it.

Jonah and Ingmar headed out into the BIG waves and the rest of the group paddled out looking strong and muscle-y in their full body westsuits. Ah, neoprene. Jalen and I spent an hour mullet-spotting. Then Hannah joined us and we pretended to be surf commentators as we watched the surfers either succeed or fail, get worked or go to work on the humongous waves out past the point.

After our mandatory, routine, and vital empanada fix, Blake and I spent our evening indulging in Sahne-Nuss almond chocolate bars. I savored, Blake inhaled (the entire bar in T minus 10 minutes.) Impressive?!

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