Breakers at the Beach

Today was a relaxing day.

This awesome panorama from the balcony of the language school mellows me out every morning:

Blake took a day off to go scope out Punta de Lobos (THE surf spot in Chile…where the National Chilean surf competition is held annually).  A morning of language school, check-ins with sound effects and color infusion, and a lunch of initial confusion:

Ingmar and I headed to a set lunch around the corner at a hotel.  Chris tipped us off and told us that it was one of the cheapest but most filling lunches around.  Truly, the bang for your buck.  Walked in and the lady at the front told us our friend was downstairs eating…Howdy Blake!

How´s the food? -Me

Well, I think the main course is fish.  This first course is soup, and I´m pretty sure there´s an animal from every kingdom in this. -Blake

True to his word, Ingmar and I soon discovered that what we were eating looked like monkey brains, but tasted delicious.  There was shrimp, bits of fish, and some squid-like something.  It´s not something I would order if I was out, but I´m glad I indulged!  So the first course = fishy/animal kingdom soup, the main course = fish filet, potatoes, green beans, and for dessert = a tiny fresh fruit bowl with a dallop of rich cream on top.

Headed to the beach to relax for an afternoon beside the waves.  Benji constructed Mt. Everest while Jonah, Hannah, Wyatt, Josie, and Quinn dug a ginormous hole.

He will climb it one day:

After spending hours next to the water soaking up the sun, and sunburning the tops of my knees and the tops of my feet (how does this happen when I wear stunnascreen?),  Ingmar, Josie, Lani and I made our mandatory late afternoon stop at the empanada palapa.  Let me give you the rundown on what an extraordinary discovery this place is:



The guts.

Crucial for the long walk home and such an explosion of amazing flavors.

Back at our cabana, Ingmar cooked up a feast, but I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep on the table while eating.  Blake slept through dinner.  Champ.

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One Response to Breakers at the Beach

  1. Alex says:

    Julie I am astonished you are not the size of a house by now! You should rename this blog ‘Julie eats her way around south america!’

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