Llamas, Surfboards, and Empanadas

Caught a ride down the hill with Chris and met the group at school before classes. Stepped out of the car and faced this supermassive beached whale.

A thick layer of fog was still comfortably settled over the water and the edge of town, so it was actually rather brisk.

Pre-coffee, reading, and writing sesh, my walk along the beach this morning with Blake yielded the not so familiar sight of a llama.  Awkward…right?  Rather out of place and I bet that  llama would be very un-stoked to take a swim, or a sink…

Finished reading my third book of the trip, “Everything Is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer, and immediately picked up and cracked into “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jarod Diamond. I’m pumped about this book because it was mentioned in every other anthropology class I took at Davis, as well as being mentioned everywhere I remember in the recent past. Interests and curiosities rekindled, I’m pretty excited to read this book. (How cool is it to read what I want to read…when I want to read it!?)

Spent the early afternoon munching on FRAC cookies and throwing the frisbee on the dark sandy beach. Dipped my toes when the disc dropped into the water, and brrrrrr, Chile!

Photo: Courtesy of Blake.

A few hours later, realized that the water wasn’t that bad, especially when wearing full body wetsuits, so we headed out for a surf sesh. Everyone in the water was paddling hard and trying to get up…a perseverant group, to say the least. Jonah, San Diego surfer extraordinaire was shredding even though he lost his voice this morning, Benji looked like an octopus with his dreads floating around, Quinn was riding a massive fiberglass longboard, Lani was gettin’ after it with her full body wetsuit + headsuit, Hannah and I tag teamed and rode a wave in right next to eachother, Kina was chillin in the breakers, Wyatt was always standing up, Claire almost ran over me, and Jalen got surfed over by an obviously bad surfer…and has a shiner to prove it, and Josie and Blake were suntanning and photographing our water circus from the beach.

On the way home, Ingmar, Blake, and I stopped at the freshest and most legit empanada place ever. The lady makes the goodness for you right then and there and puts the yum in the mud oven, and 10 minutes later, time to dig in. This will most definitely be a daily stop, an incentive to hike up the hill and make it home with enough energy to cook dinner…at 9:30pm.

For our last meal of the day, (I’m beginning to classify eating as meals, not as breakfast, lunch, and dinner…because I seem to be eating more often, maybe not more quantity, but at funky intervals during the day) I cooked up a mean veggie stirfry of garlic, zucchini, onions, bell pepps, and snap peas. All topped with the best spice ever, Merken.

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One Response to Llamas, Surfboards, and Empanadas

  1. Kim Souers says:

    Hey Julie
    You are a glorious blogger! I love every word. (and photo)
    Kim Souers
    ps Thanks for looking after my skinny boy Wyatt. : )

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