Not So Chilly in Chile

Why are my legs numb, why are my legs numb, WHY are my legs numb? Wake up. Oh, that’s right, I’m on a bus. Oh, hey, good morning Santiago!

The skyline was very familiar to me, even though I’ve never been here before.

Arrived at the bus station and Blake and I sought out bus tickets to Pichilemu, a little surf town down the way, a few hours south west of Santiago. Our bus leaves at 2pm, so faaaaantastic, we’ve got 5 hours to kill at the bus terminal.

The morning and afternoon yielded french fries, dungeons and dragons-esque games, ukelele jamming, playing cards, sleeping bag pass out moments on the tile floor, and a lot of sweating.

Maybe it’s just that my body thermometer is always a wild bouncy ball, but whoa dang, that terminal was en fuego.

Bussed another three and a half hours to Pichi where we met Chris, the owner of the Pichilemu Institute of Language Studies. This is where the group will be studying all week and Chris has the surf hookup. Word!

Met all of the homestay families (there are 5 this week as opposed to 2), and then headed to the supermarket, and our home: a cabin up on the mountain hill, overlooking the Pacific in the distance. The cabin is right next to Chris and Val’s house, as their secondary business they rent these cabins out to travelers.

A beautiful sunset and a beautiful concept to think that in our last two weeks, we have traveled from the Atlantic Ocean, across the South American continent, to the familiar Pacific.

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