Over the Andes MiNTS

As I walked out the front door of the hostel at way too early in the morning, I said goodbye to my most favorite sticker yet. Way to go Black Diamond! And thank you AvaLung for saving lives. So, listen up, be safe, and SUCK ON THIS. Up and over the mountains we go, and no, no Andes Mints, sorry, bad joke, but I was craving them during the epic Saturday morning bus ride from Bariloche to Osorno. (~5 hours-ish). It’s cool, I was prepared, and munching on “chocolate amargo con almendras”…(dark chocolate with almonds throughout).

Apparently Osorno has a big shopping mall. Well, cool. However, all I can really recall of Osorno is the big church with cool tile and the grass around one of the plazas. I slept on it for like 4 hours. Passed out, hot (not cold, the sun was shining). Apparently some dogs came and joined my mid day siesta, but Quinn, noble as he is, protected me from them (Thank you, good sir).

While talking to Hannah about traveling to France:

“Je suis fatigue.” – Me
“Huh?” – Hannah
“You’ve been to France right?” -Me
“I mean I don’t know French. I know like Bonjour and baguette and shit, but everybody knows that.” -Hannah

Blake exchanged money because Chile uses different currency than Argentina. However, Chilean money rolls deep. The exchange rate that we got was $1 USD for $465 Chilean pesos. Therefore, it really ain’t no thang to be walking around with fifty grand of pesos in your pocket. I feel like I’m playing monopoly with the 5000 peso bill, or when I’m really going big, the 10,000 bill.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Our layover was for about 7 hours in Osorno, so we took the supermarket by storm, purchased dinner fixings (finger food), and hopped on our overnight bus to Santiago. As the sun set during within the first hour of the ride, I was reminded of the drive north on 280 through the Palo Alto hills…honestly, the countryside really looks exactly like that. Ate, wrote, read, joked with Jalen, my bus buddy, and SLEPT.

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