To The Top

After a lovely day of cycling and Patagonian eye candy views for my rest day, heading back to the grind, or so they say, wasn’t that bad, in fact, if this is the grind, then i am set, because this group is awesome. After catching up on a few emails while humming along to the background tunes of the Argentinian grab bag guitar group who was inhabiting our hostel (a smattering of dudes from all over Argentina who jammed all day, every day), I had Sweet Child O’ Mine, Johnny Be Good, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Rollin On A River, Bad Moon Rising, and Another Brick In the Wall on repeat in my head for the rest of the day. I got some sweet video footage of this ridiculous ensemble (one guy was tapping the top of his mate thermos with his bombilla…), I’ll have to post it somewhere. A deliciously delicious AVO, OLIVE, and BELL PEP sandwich and I was good to go.

To hike to the top of Cerro Campinario, not ride the overpriced and lazy-person chairlift to the top, that was our MISSION….


And boy, was it windy or what. Half an hour of dusty uphill and some quick cardio for the day, we made it to the top of a little knoll and had a killer view.

So rad, that I could see my bike route from yesterday perfectly, and a 360 degree panorama revealed blue skies and fluffy clouds…and big guns. Lookin’ good boys.

After hitting the chocolate shops twice when returning to town, Blake, Ingmar, and I shared a delicious and delirious dinner of legit empanadas. Then we ate too much chocolate (I hope I have enough for the bus ride tomorrow!) A jam sesh with Gustavo and Pablo was perfect to cap our last night in Bariloche.

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