Thank You For The Perfection

…Last year while reading my friend Will´s South American travel blog, I happened upon this quotation. A phrase he yelled at the top of his lungs while in Southern Patagonia:


That is what I was thinking about today, when I took a day off from the group, and biked around the Circuito Chico here in Bariloche.

The ride was awesome. Regardless of the strong headwind, random rainshowers, and my body’s temperature self regulation switch on disco mode, it worked out pretty well. Oh, and it’s always nice to get your hands black and greasy, 5 minutes into the ride, when your chain falls off.

Along the ride, took a few sidetrails and random hikes to explore and follow the curiosity of my feet. After lugging my bike 10 minutes up this trail on a massive hill (the bike shop dude told me to not leave my bike anywhere, even if i locked it, because people would steal it anyway…sounds like Davis after a frat party), I locked it and chucked it in the bushes. Made my way to a mountaineers cemetery on the side of this cliff, where there was such an immense presence of the mountain elements, and the wind nearly knocked me off my feet.

A while later after some solid up and downs, I had the urge to get my up and down game on. A sweet golf course, courtesy of the Llao Llao Hotel, (look it up, it’s gorgeous…and it’s tiny in the background in one of the first pictures of this blog) became the scenery on the sides of the road, intermixed with mountains, big trees, and big water. Golf is, in itself, an awesome game, but yes, even though I had the urge to whip out my King Cobra driver and smack one 260 yards, it bothered me that there was a golf course in the middle of this marvelous natural haven.

Stopped for a snack break, and moved my bike and my butt onto the dirt when I realized I was resting on a holy statue of Jesus on the side of the road. Woops. This raptor, his sister, and his brother’s cousin were going to town and squawking, ba-kawing, and legitimately entertaining me with their ridiculousness for a good 10 minutes. I wish I had room in my backpack for Jared and Michelle and their bird spotting sixth raptor sense. What is this thing?

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