Staking out the Biggest Steak

Was in a food coma from last night through mid day today…kind of like a terrible hang over, but it was this fantastically light, dazey feeling.  All because of the biggest and best (maybe not the best ever, my dad does up a mean one) filet mignon: bistec de lomo.  Blake, Ingmar, and I went to this parilla down the street (a parilla is this Argentinian open flame grill).  Blake did this meal justice with his post about it.  I won´t try to top his, so check out these photos and just let your taste buds imagine:

This is the one shot I took…then I gorged and left no morsel to remain.

Post steak, ate some chocolate (mandatory), and then passed out on my bed without even knowing I was asleep.

….So asleep, that Blake let me sleep in until 10am!  Awesome!

Lunch = Migas sandwich.  I´m beginning to think that Migas reminds me of Midas.  Like each sandwich has the Migas touch. Ha ha…get it…the Midas touch….the Migas touch… (each sandwich is so delicious it´s as quality as gold).  Good joke, I know, right? ç

Blake, gettin´after it with the La Montaña Spanish School cat chillin:

When we met the group at school, and then stuffed our faces with lunch, Quinn nearly knocked me over again.  He is a pretty quick witty dude:

I just had the two most righteous sneezes I´ve ever had!  They sunk the Titanic!

Walking around town in the afternoon, I met my new best friend…

Here´s a collection, or a smattering of graffiti that I´ve encountered around Bariloche:

A mural with the message: Hay un solo lugar donde ayer y hoy se encuentron, se reconocen, y se abrazan, ese lugar es mañana. – Eduardo Galeano.

Murals are around every street corner….and stamp like little dudes are everywhere also:

Little funky animals make their appearance as well (like this mouse):

Or this funky monkey:

Oh hey, sad panda….or laser beam eyeball panda:

There are plenty more.  I´ll throw in a couple here and there.


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