The Nutshell

My daily strolls around town, whether early in the morning, during the mid-day sunburn heat (i sunburnt the lower part of my shin/my upper ankle –because i roll my pant legs up — but i had on sunscreen?), or in the breezy evenings, have proved artsy.  I have found a colorblast around nearly EVERY corner.

Wha-BAM! So a few years ago, when Blake first visited Bariloche on his personal South American Saga, he discovered the make-whateva-you-want sandwich shop: Migas.  You choose from a list of amazing vegetables and sandwich fixings, whatever you want, and it´s CHEAP…and DELICIOUS!  So, hitting this sandwich shop is our daily routine…13 sandwiches.  13 people.

Jonah, getting after it.

Kina, NOM NOM NOM-ing on a sandwich of solely bread and a super thick layer of slathered avocado.

Today, while the group was language-schooling, I walked all around, up through the residential-ness of the hills, down through the crowded sidewalks of downtown, and towards the outskirts of town along the water.  Ok, time to fess up….I wasn´t wearing my flip flops.  I was wearing my tennies….my feet got cold from the wind yesterday, so I sacked up, and socked up.

Met up with some of the group downtown in the afternoon, and figured I would substitute my chocolate fix with a double flavored ice cream cone instead.  Again, I was stoked about my flavor choices and their combination: chocolatey almond goodness with red fruity strawberry/raspberry on top.

Um, YUM!

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