Pepitos in the Morning, Pepitos in the Evening

Woke up early, yes, 7am is early for me.  Hungry?  Duh.  Is there any food left in the bus snack bag?  Yes!  Cookies! No, not just cookies.  Cookies!  Pepitos!

Like Oreos, kind of.  Here´s the low down:  Two chocolate chip cookies, stacked together, with a layer of chocolate in the middle.  Oh my god amazing.

I ate at least 12 before I left to go meet the group at the language school.

Talk about a brisk mountain morning, deep breaths of mmmmhmmmm air.  Glorious.  Because of the location of our hostel, we are two blocks from the language school (where we meet the group every morning) and just around the corner from the coolest building in Bariloche:

Ingmar has one goal for his time in Bariloche:

I´m gonna get the thickest, itchiest, brownest sweater I can get my hands on.

Dude, you´re in the right place.  Start browsing.  This town has a lot of tourists, is still pretty loud with cars honking and the constant drone of construction in the background…but the serene setting makes up for that.

I´m itching to get into the mountains here, and out of the lakeside tourist attraction, so I plan to take a day off in a few days to go on the Circuito Chico bike ride, solo.

Chocolate.  Chocolate.  Chocolate.  I´m trying to eat as much as possible because there are multiple choco shops on each block downtown.  I have also been drinking a fair share of Cafe con leche…absolutely delicious and perfect for sipping and writing and relaxing.

Blake is ill.  Like the fiebre has him and it´s got him good.  Poor dude.  He´s a champ.

For dinner, Ingmar and I cooked a feast: pasta la vista, with a garlic meat sauce with more garlic, bell pepps, tomatoes, onions, and tomato paste.  Uh-mazing.

I think I ate 2 and a half packs of Pepitos today.  Yum.


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