Bienvenidos a Bariloche!

Woke up in a daze…to the dude across the aisle literally yelling: Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja.  Like verbatim.  Ok I am in Argentina and I just slept amazingly for 10 hours…on a bus.  Just goes to show that it is a blessing to have the ability to fall asleep at any time, anywhere.  Thanks Mom and Dad for driving me around in the car at night when I was little to get me to fall asleep…it´s really helping the cause.

Hello Lake district!  Hello Patagonia!  Hello Bariloche!

Walked along the water and a few miles into town.  From the size of the BIG lake, the trees, the brisk crisp mountain air, and the jagged topography in the distance, this place reminds me of Tahoe.

The group was stoked to be off the bus and outdoors!  Lunched at a place that had dry rib cages hanging from the ceiling all around the kitchen.  Obviously keeping up appearances and all about the feng shui.

Walked the group to their respective homestays and dropped them off for the week (whoa whoa whoa, we will still see them everyday, they´ll be language schooling for 4 hours each morning, then we´ll lunch as a group and do hella cool things in the afternoons, and then they´ll head home for dinner).  Blake, Ingmar, and I will be staying at a tight outdoorsy hostel.  Palabra.

…There are plenty of urban climbing opportunities here (as Ingmar demonstrates above) as well as hella funky and intricate graffiti, street art, or whatever you want to call it.  I´ll dedicate an entire blog to the street art I´ve encountered later.

We cooked dinner at our hostel early, like 8pm, the normal eating time here is 930pm or so, not past my bed time or anything…

Blake is still super under the weather…so Ingmar and I had pasta con nada, with peanuts sprinkled on top.  We had garlic when we started the bus ride, but somehow it didn´t make it off the bus.  Oh well, a sort of not really nutritious dinner with a crunch nonetheless.

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