Color Shades

A walking tour of the city this morning, with Mercedes, the language tutor that Blake skyped with to refresh his Spanish prior to the trip.  Started in San Martin Park and learned about Buenos Aires history, as well as the importance of the big buildings that we walk by everyday on our way to tango.

Walked hella miles, learned hella history, and then bussed to the La Boca district..right on the water.  Welcome.

La Boca is famous for its random smattering of color and funkdafied paintjobs of its buildings.  It´s a super poor part of Buenos Aires, and always has been…the porteños used whatever paint they could get their hands on, from the ships that would come and go, and then would paint whatever they could with what they had.  Truly Beautiful.

Super bright and diggin it.

Definitely into the colors, and saw a funky haze for the rest of the afternoon.  However, from across the street, this face stood out of this window and threw me for a loop.

Tangoed into the afternoon and am way into dancing.  I´m about it.  Potentially it is something I would like to continue doing.  Got the group stoked when we stopped for ice cream on our way back to the subte (subway).  Chocolate AND pistachio.  Get in my belly!

Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

A beautiful sky greeted me in the San Martin park plaza as I walked back towards our apartment from running some errands, post-subte ride.

This is a day of coloriffic Crayon shades and yummy in my tummy.  Had a downright delicious homecooked homestyle meal of mashed potatoes, fried chicken and cheese patties. Mmmmm.  With good food like this, I should be feeling fantastic in no time.


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2 Responses to Color Shades

  1. Ted says:

    Great photos…looks like you’re having a great time as well.

    All the best,


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