Cool Down the Pace

Slept shittily and when I woke up my chest was heavy and I couldn´t breathe.  Let´s try a wake up shower.  As soon as I got out I was so exhausted I passed out on my bed for another half hour.  Lame.

Executive decision: Take really strong drugs to get better really fast.  Check.

Morning goal:  Tea with honey.  Unsuccessful first try.  It went something like this when talking to the waiter at the cafe:

Para mi, te con miel por favor.

Te con leche?

No… tea with honey?

Oh! Miel and milk sound the same, no?

Dude, I´m speaking to you in Spanish.  Not in Spanglish.  Regardless, no honey there.  Epic fail.

Headed to Cafe Violeta near our subway stop, across town near tango with some of the group.  This is what I´m talking about when I talk about a legit cafe.  Stained glass windows, Big ceilings, intricate hardwood floors….seems more like an upscale restaurant.

Blake and Claire

Round two:

Te con miel por favor.

Ah, por supuesto (of course).

SWEEEEEEET! My throat is so pumped right now.  Hung out and sipped on tea and honey for a few hours while writing and being mellow yellow.

Overheard Hannah talking at the other table:  ¨The only pork I eat is bacon.  Bacon is so good.  It´s like fat and grease and good!¨

Off to deliriously feverish tango, day two.  Woop!

Rest of the day is a blur…but Benji headed up dinner and cooked delicious butternut squash and potato soup.  Just what I was craving.  Fell asleep to the group practicing tango in my room.

Quinn and Josie!

He danced her right out into the hallway!

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