Under the Weather, Without an Umbrella

[Woke up, and whoa something in the body clock was off.   Hmmm, am I coming down with something?]

Get this:  not only does one get a cup of coffee for 9 pesos (a little over 2 bucks), but the rest of the package includes a little glass of freshly squeezed OJ, a little glass of sparkling water, AND one or two alfajores!  (if you´re part of the Davis crew — bug noa to bug her dad to make you some…he is a master alfajores chef).  After Cafe Niza on the corner with Kina, Lani, and Ingmar, back to the apartment just in time to sunscreen and roll at 10am.

Spent the morning and mid part of the day at the Recoleta Cemetery (massive cemetery in Buenos Aires…the money put into the graves, crypts, and mausoleums totals more than what the surrounding city is worth!  Also, fun fact, Eva Peron is buried here.)

The cemetery blew my mind. Architecture across the ages.  Different eras, totally different styles.  

The varieties of iron work, stained glass, and structure shape were immense.  We were tagging along on a free English tour around the cemetery, but while standing in the blistering heat of the day was fun, my little side tours were introspective.

I think that it is WAY cool that people construct such structures for for in which their family members will spend the rest of eternity.   Not necessarily my style, and I´m trying to spend my money on other things…but an interesting concept nonetheless.

Compare this:

To this:

Mind blowing, eh?

Picnic lunch in the park…five minutes after we sat down and started stuffing face with….DULCE DE LECHE sandwiches… the sprinklers started up.  Run!  So we relocated under and in this tree:

Badass bookstore.  El Ateneo.  A huge bookstore located within an old opera house.  Spent a few hours attempting to read Spanish literature and just chill out.

Subway to tango. Tango, the essence of smoothness.  And just plain smooth groove.  You just glide across the floor (but really though, we are wearing socks!)  Blake and Alicia (our tango maestra who travels around the world instructing tango):

During tango, I´m pretty sure I had a fever.  But hey, according to Alicia, tango is a woman´s three minutes of rest, so therefore fever?  No hay prisa (Don´t worry) homegirl, during every dance with a different hombre, I´m apparently supposed to be resting.  Perfect.  I´ll just let him do the leading.

These are long days.  But worth every minute…Dude, I´m wearing flip flops and tank tops.  What up.

As we escalated on the escalator up and out of the subway, we did so right into a rain shower.  Immediately the boys took their shirts off and all the porteños (Buenos Aires locals) donned umbrellas.  Well, I guess our group is holding up the tourist appearance well.

I passed out upon return arrival to our apartment and slept through dinner.  I´ll just dream of health tonight.

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