A Cacophony of Sounds

An excerpt from my little black book which some like to title, a journal:

“Well, so far, I´ve walked around a few blocks and am now sitting in San Martin Park, with dogs barking behind me, airplanes droning above me, a sprinkler pfft pfft pffting in front of me, and a gardener going to town on the leaves with a blower (like a massive swarm of bees buzzing like there´s no tomorrow) to my left.  The downtown B.S. A.S. symphony.”

  • Big ass trees are HERE.  Guatemala, you´ve got competition.
  • David Gray´s Babylon was the background music while I exchanged cash money.
  • Interwebbage.
  • Picnic in the park!  GREAT SUCCESS –> Blake brought a frisbee.
  • Tango Til you Topple. (Our first day of private lessons with Alicia and Adolfo (exceedingly talented hot diggity damn amazing tango dancers.) So much fun.
  • Kina over dinner creation: “I have the power.  I AM the guacamole!”
  • fiesta bowl!

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