Tile Floors and Typhoid

At 8pm, when the group was finally all together (sans Ingmar — who will meet us in Buenos Aires), Blake asked the group:

“In the past 24 hours, tell me how much sleep you´ve had by raising your fingers.”

Lani and Kina passed out on the floor.

9 out of 10 held up less than four fingers. Quinn held up a proud six fingers.  Quinn = winner.

The day went like this: Blake and Jules to the airport to meet our dazed students…they arrived between 5am and 5 pm…and our flight from Miami to B.S. A.S. was to depart at 8pm.    Throughout the day, Blake was on a “Keep the Typhoid refrigerated mission.”  In a styrofoam cup, packed with ice, he was saving his live typhoid pill for the next day…and it was supposed to be cold.

Props, dude.  You made it through security.

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