Streamlined. Almost.

[WARNING: This is a long post.  Long story short: Cool pictures and bullet points of what I am bringing south.]

So I said I packed yesterday…  Well, I legitimately, for real, DID pack today.  What an adventure.  Let me break it down for you: I will be in South America for roughly four months, 2 of which I will be hostel/apartment hopping and the latter 2 of which I will be backpacking and trekking more often than not.  Therefore, I have my pack for now, when I leave on Friday, with stuff.  And then in March, when the Unschool Adventures trip concludes, I will add gear to my pack, on my back, that my parents will ship down to me.

Pack for the next 7 weeks: 19 pounds:

What’s in it, you might ask?

Well, my gear list is as follows:

  • Mountainsmith Pack
  • 1 Nalgene
  • 1/2 Thermarest*
  • Rainjacket & Rain Pants
  • Down Jacket*
  • First Aid Kit*
  • Synthetic Long Underweary Pants
  • Beanie
  • Orange Dress
  • Climbing Shoes
  • 2 Long Pants
  • 1 Shorts
  • 6 Underwear
  • 4 Shirts (3 SS, 1 LS)
  • Pack Towel
  • Blue Bandana
  • Half Zip Long Sleeve
  • 5P Socks
  • Orange Origami Plate*
  • 3 Sportsbras
  • 1 Swimsuit
  • 2 Tank Tops
  • Yellow Hat (…I retired the Orange Hat. I feel proud in announcing that its final journey survived tramping in Guatemala, and 9 years down the line, it did real well.  Way to go champ.)
  • Flippy Floppies
  • Trail Runners
  • Half Zip Puffy Jacket
  • BAG OF IMPORTANCE: (2 Headlamps, Matches Case*, 1 Lighter*, 1 Notebook, 6 Extra Batteries, 1 Sharpie, 2 Iodine*, 1 Spork*)
  • Book
  • Journal
  • 1 1L Collapsable Platypus H20 Bottle
  • Camera, Case, Charger, and USB Cable
  • Stunna Shades (Sunglasses)
  • Basic Toiletries (Toothbrush/paste, Floss, Nail Clippers, Face Lotion, Razor, Sunscreen, Shampoo, Conditioner (Gotta keep the silky smoothness), Face Cleanser, Deodorant (WHAT!?! …crazy, I know), Brush, Tweezers.

Items with an * are marked because they will probably not be necessary until the latter half of the trip, but they fit in the pack with plenty of space to spare, are not heavy, and I tried to make the “Ship down” package smaller…..Ok, ok.  I really just want to get a better work out.  Geez.

Gear to be shipped down:

  • MSR Whisperlite Stove
  • Fuel Bottle
  • Black Diamond Hi-Lite 2P Tent
  • Pot
  • Western Mountaineering Ultra-Lite Sleeping Bag (Not Pictured)
  • TLC from Mom and Dad (Inside Pot)

So, drumroll please…

The pack, fully packed, with both original and shipped down gear comes in at a whopping 26.5 pounds! I’ll be getting rid of some stuff along the way…20 pounds sounds so much nicer.

So we’ll see how the pack holds up.  One thing I’m hoping that Blake is bringing….


Cross your fingers.

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