Strollin’ Through Flores

A cool down, chill out, plan and pack, kick back, and munch day.  I milked Saturday morning to its fullest potential:  Hot shower, sunrise writing sesh on the banks of the Peten Itza, piping hot and gooey cinammon roll, and a strawberry banana liquado (smoothie).

Aww yea.

The afternoon was even better.

A fresh, ripe, goldy orange speckled fist-sized mango from the market, a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in melted chocolate and diced nuts, and a chilled Sol cerveza from the cornerstore (a celebratory beverage if you will,) enjoyed atop the roof of our hostel, overlooking the still water, red orange with the reflection of the raspberry tangerine sunset.

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One Response to Strollin’ Through Flores

  1. alex oliver says:

    This post appears to all to about food Jules! I love it though! – send me some of that hot gooey Cinnamon roll please!!!!

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