BIG trees and HOT sauce

Today, we hiked for a few hours and arrived at the camp of La Florida.  We soon realized that the biggest trees of the entire trip were HERE.  And whoa, they were huge.

When I say huge, I mean that to hug around the base of the tree trunk, it would take at least 8 peopleWith their arms spreadThat huge.  The Ceiba (pronounced Say-buh) is the national tree of Guatemala.  And Guatemala is known as the Land of Trees, therefore, we just HAD to climb it.

Vince and Jim grounded.

So, following our afternoon siesta, a lunch of pasta and cucumber salad, and an encounter with a crazy, nutty, wack-O professor, we did.

Welcome to life above the surrounding canopy, 80 feet up.

Vince relaxin'

After a quick photo shoot, the sun set, so we zipped down our climbing ropes into the dark abyss of the jungle floor.

Jim, Me, Blake

Blake over dinner:

“Can you pass that hot sauce a little closer?  It’s gonna get me through the noche.  And the mañana.  And the tarde.”

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