Ruins of Nakbe

Woke up… in a tree.  De-rigged and bid our goodbyes to our Swiss Family Robinson-esque night’s sleep.  Hiked from El Mirador to the ancient city of Nakbe in the morning.  Unlike the name El Mirador, Nakbe is an original Mayan name.

Blake looking at La Danta (the bump on the horizon) in the distance

Climbed Lagarta (the lizard pyramid) and gazed at La Danta.  Then,

“BLAKE, don’t move!  There’s something crawling on your head!” – Julie

“WAIT!  Let’s catch it to put it in the sand pyramid so we can watch the battle!    ….But I don’t want to touch it.” – Jim

“Oh my god, can you just get it off me!?” – Blake

We got the spider off of Blake’s head. Then knelt down to the crumbly, sandy, granular surface of the pyramid platform and initiated battle.  There are these little inverted pyramid things on the ground surface…little dudes that you can’t see that suck down ants and insects, that remind me of Star Wars Episode IV and Jabba the Hut and the death pit.

We dropped the spider into the death pit.

…10 minutes later, the spider had been killed and sucked down into the inverted pyramid abyss.


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One Response to Ruins of Nakbe

  1. Binh says:

    Antlions! They dig a pit with a crucial angle that is near impossible for insects to escape once they fall into the pit. As the insect tries to crawl out of the pit, the antlion is alert of the present of the insect from the movement of sand/dirt falling to the bottom of the pit where the antlion awaits. Really cool little guys. Antlion vs. spider…hahaaaha poor spider.

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